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Artist Steven Bove’s bright and bold graphical designs executed with creative precision will grab the attention of both young and old alike, bringing the viewer into a new realm of fantasy and adventure!

Artist Bio


Artist Steven Bove’s bright, bold and colorful fantasy cartoon prints are executed with such creative precision and technical sophistication, that they immediately grab the attention of young and old alike, while transporting viewers into a new realm of action and adventure!

And what an amazing journey this energetic artist has enjoyed from the very beginning of his artistic career.  Always fascinated by computer technology, Steven joined the popular Sesame Street Show where he was in charge of print production and animation works.  Realizing that he had a gift for the graphic, he then specialized within the commercial art arena and designed for such high-profile, comic book legends as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics & Archie Comics. 

As he has progressed throughout the industry, Steven has stretched his creativity to encompass everything from designing ads to authoring books.  He continues to devise graphic novels and instruction books on art and advertising, and has vast experience writing scripts and creating storyboards for commercials with several currently running on TV and online.  In addition, Steven has taught a variety of art

courses at community-based, educational institutions and has been the featured presenter at countless conventions and schools.

Steven’s secret to producing such prolific fantasy cartoon prints involves the simple process of returning to the basics each and every time he designs.  Reading and looking at art allows for continued inspiration, which then activates his old-school technique of figure drawing and sketching.  He then adds pops of vibrant and vivid color to complete the character, hero or image.  What’s more, Steven adheres to the underlying mission that art is not about the best software or hardware, but rather, it’s about working diligently, putting in the time and showing continual dedication to one’s craft.  

In fact, even though he has achieved a myriad of artistic milestones, Steven does not give credit to any particular professional accomplishment since he is already looking forward to his next, big, creative challenge.

A master with an old school mentality and new world techniques, Steven recharges his batteries in nature by hiking and walking.

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