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Stacey Lokey-Artist Stacey Lokey creates stunning, striking, stained-glass designs that encompass a variety of every day and holiday themes and have worldwide audience appeal.

Eifel Tower Stained Glass Design Stacey Lokey

Artist Bio

Stacey Lokey- Stunning, Stained-Glass Inspired Artwork

Artist Stacey Lokey produces stunning, striking, stained-glass designs that encompass a variety of every day and holiday themes with a universal appeal. An inventor by trade, Stacey’s mission is to continually create artwork that has a ripple effect to touch countless lives by exuding positive energy through her imaginative, artistic vision.

Stacey always loved drawing as a young girl and gravitated to beautiful colors, shapes and patterns – adhering to the underlying mantra- “the brighter the better!”  Her creative flair continued into adulthood where she worked in a variety of marketing and graphics design roles, creating logos, advertisements, flyers and other promotional collateral for numerous companies and industries.  Her burning desire has always been to draw, paint and create.  

Today, Stacey’s stimulus emanates from both nature as evidenced in the plethora of florals and landscape scenes, and spirituality as witnessed in her signature stained-glass designs.  Whether the subject

matter is basic or esoteric, Stacey has the unique ability to take the simple and make it intricate with her special style.  From famous metropolitan landmarks like the Eifel Tower to quant countryside pastures to popular icons associated with the holidays, Stacey’s bold and vibrant creations are sure to brighten everyone’s day. 

Living with a perpetual attitude of gratitude, Stacey is personally fulfilled as a wife and mother of two boys and an adorable little dog named Missy Bear. 

Professionally speaking, Stacey considers herself lucky to have channeled her creativity into a new household product called Garbage-eez®, which was granted a patent and several trademarks. She and her business partner/friend Carolyn are pushing new boundaries for its marketing and distribution, similar to Stacey’s approach in sharing her stained-glass designs and artwork with the world.

When not immersed in her creative mode, Stacey enjoys crocheting and going for long bike rides, as well as spending time with family and friends.  

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