Sandra Hutter

About the artist

Stylish and trendy artist Sandra Hutter creates crisp and clean pattern designs covering a vast variety of popular themes that are enjoyable for children and adults.

Artist Bio

Sandra Hutter – a Trendy, Tight-Patterned and Well-Traveled Textile Designer

Smart and stylish Austrian artist Sandra Hutter creates pattern design prints covering a vast variety of playful themes, hip trends and popular subjects that resonate well with children and adults.  Sandra’s signature style of designing colorful, bold, crisp and clean clip art illustrations is inspired by her myriad of travels to countless countries.  From vibrant pink flamingoes in Florida to cute and cuddly koala bears in Australia, at each destination, she captures the excitement of the environment and embellishes it with her own special color-bursting, tongue-in-cheek technique, which brings joy and happiness to others. 

From an early age, Sandra had a desire for all things creative and graduated from art and design school in Austria, where she was technically trained in the areas of color theory, composition, and history of art and architecture.  Because life happens when

you are making other plans, her career took a few unexpected turns that included nursing and, eventually, motherhood. While staying home to raise her daughter, she was

able to concentrate on developing and advancing her arts and design practice.  Simultaneously, Sandra started sewing baby

clothes and became especially inspired by different kinds of kids clip art prints and fabric patterns that popped with color, shape, texture and form.  She soon found her focus shifting from sewing to purely designing, using fabrics as the primary canvas and quickly completed a couple of online classes in surface pattern design. 

Sandra will never forget the thrill she felt when she held her first piece of custom-designed fabric – her most memorable professional achievement to date.  Since then, her artwork has been featured on wallpaper, gift wrap, home decor, t-shirts, bags, phone and laptop cases, wall art, greeting cards, puzzles and many other products by such renowned companies as Ravensburger Puzzles and Norcard, LLC,

Sandra’s underlying muse is to remember that life is too short to not follow your passion, and thus, she continually grows her creative career by travelling with her family for new sources of artistic stimulation among new lands and cultures.  When not on an excursion, she enjoys cultivating creativity within her young daughter by doing arts and crafts together.

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