Kim Green

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Vivid and versatile artist Kim Green lives up to her colorful name with her fun and fanciful images that infuse new life to any product!

Artist Bio

Kim Green: A Vivid and Versatile Artist Whose Creations are as Colorful as her Name

Kim Green’s passion for bright, dynamic and vivid colors brings smiles to people’s faces and new energy to any product. Imagination is the key to all of her masterpieces as she loves to incorporate human characteristics into her animal and insect creations, while infusing a variety of hues into her floral and nature designs.

A lifelong painter, Green enjoys experimenting with color combinations and finding new pigments, tints and shades that make her subjects shine. When in search of new content, Green derives inspiration through her camera lens, shooting objects at different times of the day to extract their true luminescence.

Throughout her artistic career, Green has exhibited her works at various galleries, shows and venues; however, when she started noticing artists’ names on products, she became enchanted with the art licensing industry. After conducting extensive research and learning about various licensing, gift and stationary shows, such as Surtex in New York City and AmericasMart in Atlanta, Green became a regular attendee and exhibitor.

Since then, Green’s designs have been featured with P&B Textiles in which she creates annual collections for the prominent quilting fabric company.

Her versatile style doesn’t stop with fabrics, however, as her sweet and simple creations would translate wonderfully onto decorative flags, pillows, calendars, journals, greeting cards, cross-stitch kits, wall art and many other product categories.

In her spare time away from the easel, Green loves working in the garden, proving that she does indeed have a green thumb. She receives ultimate joy in sowing seeds, nurturing the plants and harvesting the fruits. Additionally, Green has built a small hobby farm on her property in which she raises goats, bunnies, dogs, cats and a rooster with hopes of adding horses in the near future.

Green has recently expanded her artistic talents by learning how to sew leather and make “shoulder-friendly” handbags. Although she is constantly seeking new creative outlets, her greatest creations are her children and grandchildren.

An effervescent positive spirit, Green lives by the motto that “you can do anything you set your mind to if you smash the fear and take a leap of faith.”

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