Karen Burke

About the artist

Fun, fine-photo artist Karen Burke’s goal is to make people smile, giggle and laugh out loud by creating artwork that depicts animals doing human things, thus creating a whimsical and wonderful world beloved by all!

Artist Bio

Karen Burke…the Wild, Wonderful World of Whimsical Art

Digital artist Karen Burke develops innovative, in-demand, and ironic designs that feature ordinary animals doing extraordinary human activities.  Her ultimate artistic goal is to share her sense of humor with the world by creating whimsical art prints that are lively, light-hearted and make people laugh out loud. 

Having served as a nurse for nearly 30 years, Karen knows firsthand that laughter is always the best medicine and believes that everyone needs a bit of fun and fantasy in their lives- a moment or two to forget life’s stresses and crafts every new, iconic image with this underlying mission in mind.

Her repertoire also includes tribute art – or fun fine art- in which she takes paintings from the Old Masters, like Vermeer, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci and reinvents them with animals in the place of their human subjects, oftentimes inspiring and sparking an interest in art history among her viewers.

Karen has won several art contests, and her work has been featured in numerous high-profile magazines, including Ink and National Geographic, one of her proudest moments and greatest accomplishments as

an artist.  Out of thousands of submitted entries, Karen’s photo of her parents in a loving embrace made it into the magazine.  The heart-warming human print depicts Karen’s father comforting her sick mother with a kiss on her shoulder and compassionately captures their deep love for each other.

Speaking of love, Karen would love to meet Mexican surrealist artist Frida Kahlo, who has become an icon for women’s inner strength, courage in the face of adversity and remaining genuine and true to one’s convictions – all unique qualities that resonate with Karen.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys gathering with her human family and friends, as well as those within her animal world.  She currently takes care of her four cats and French bulldog, many of which are quickly becoming famous in her licensed artwork.

Fans of Karen can find her images on products from manufacturers including Evergreen Enterprises, Bits and Pieces, Masterpieces Puzzle Company, Playview Brands Puzzles, TCG Toys, Suns Out Puzzles, Nobleworks Cards, iCanvas Wall Art, Crown Point Graphics, Willow Creek Press, Leap Year Publishing, and other reputable brands.

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