Joseph Elliott

About The Artist

From the dramatic and bold illuminations captured in night photography to the natural and serene beauty that surrounds us all, Joseph Elliott’s captivating images will elicit a sensory experience.

Artist Bio

JOSEPH ELLIOTT – A Camera Lens of Light and Life

From the dramatic and bold images captured in night photography to the natural and serene beauty that surrounds us all, Joseph Elliott’s luminous landscape photographs evoke a powerful, sensory experience.

A talented and timeless photographer who is visually inspired by scenery, nature and light, Joseph is always scanning his surroundings for compelling contours of light, shadows, shapes and color that immediately draw the viewer into the frame and create an inspiring world of creative imagination.

Joseph became interested in photography as a teenager.  After high school,  he attended Northwestern Connecticut Community College and enrolled in the Visual Communications program where he learned to build on his photography skills and dark room techniques.  He then transferred to Southern Connecticut State University and continued to study Studio Art with a concentration in Photography to cultivate his love for the lens.  Upon graduation, Joseph worked as an assistant to several high-profile photographers shooting weddings, portraits, fashion, food,

products, architecture and events.  His appreciation, excitement and fascination with the creative process grew with each photographic assignment and encounter. 

Shortly thereafter, Joseph took his talent, technique, knowledge and experience and formed his own photography business.  Since then, his work has appeared on billboards in Times Square in New York City and has been featured in numerous art shows and exhibits. 

His ultimate goal is to touch the lives of millions of people around the world with his luminous landscape photographs, much like photography greats Ansel Adams and William Lesch.  Joseph credits these masters in helping him develop open mindedness, honesty, willingness, humility integrity and perseverance through barriers and obstacles. 

When not creating or shooting, Joseph enjoys hiking, travelling, bike riding and relaxing with loved ones.

Josephs’ unique and universal photographs translate perfectly onto fine art prints, calendars, greeting cards, place mats, stationary, magnets, coffee mugs, T-shirts, murals, stationary, checks, puzzles and countless other items.

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