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Canadian artists Danielle Hartgers and Jenica Goetz are the dynamic design duo of Fineapple Pair, whose hand-painted patterns and characters add a bit of whimsy to any product line.

Cat Textile arts from world inspired artist Fineapple Pair

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Canadian artists Danielle Hartgers and Jenica Goetz are the dynamic design duo of Fineapple Pair, whose hand-painted patterns, whimsical lettering and adorable characters add a bit of hope and happiness to any product line.  This team of working moms derives their design insight from children’s books, toys, magazines, paint stores, clothing shops and of course, their own children’s’ imaginations!

Jenica has always had a deep-seeded love for art since her elementary grades that continued into high school.  It was therefore a no-brainer for her to pursue a career within the Graphic Arts industry during her secondary education.  Immediately upon graduation, she was employed in a print shop, designing everything from business cards to gym schedules.  It wasn’t until she moved to a farm in Ontario that her true destiny would manifest in the form of her future business partner – Danielle Hartgers, who was selling her own greeting cards at their local market.  Shortly thereafter, the ladies met for coffee to discuss their shared affinity for hand-crafted stationery, which sparked the idea of joining forces and becoming Fineapple Pair.

Danielle’s path also included graphic design in college with a concentration in drawing.  She quickly learned that the industry was predominantly computer-driven and enrolled in illustration courses so that she could meld her old-school drawing skills with modern technological applications.  In her first job, Danielle was a

typesetter at a greeting card company, but she was quickly promoted to a design and illustration position when her management team realized her impeccable drawing ability.  In this new role, Danielle designed journals, boxed cards and a variety of custom products.

Today, Fineapple Pair has morphed into a full-service illustration and surface design firm that delivers top-quality, high-impact, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted clip art prints for a variety of product lines.  Their work has been licensed on fabric collections manufactured by The Blank Quilting Company and greeting cards produced by Norcard, Inc.

Other notable accomplishments of this talented team include Illustrating the popular children’s book, Angus Superhero Extraordinaire, being nominated for a Louie Award for outstanding greeting card design and creating all of the invitations for a major NYC Gala.

Although Jenica and Danielle both believe that they are living their dream of doing what they love everyday, they still fantasize about meeting design greats Axel Scheffler, an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed illustrator of some of the most beloved children’s books and Lisa Glanz, a famous illustrator and Podcast Host that shares Fineapple Pair’s obsession for all things cute and cuddly.

When not in work mode, both Jenica and Danielle fill their souls by spending time with their families, hiking, swimming and sewing. 

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